Expectations for Childs Behavior

  • Expectations For Child's Behavior

    Agape' Child Care Learning Center has established an acceptable method of guiding the behavior of children for their protection and growth. These guidelines will be administered in a way that will help each child develop self-control and assume responsibility for his or her actions through clear and consistent rules and limits appropriate to the ages and development of children in care. The staff uses acceptable techniques and include, but are not limited to redirecting a child to an alternate activity, rewarding acceptable behavior, encouraging children to talk about their feelings, and providing any example for children by speaking and interacting with children in a positive manner. The Center will discipline in the following manner:

    1. The staff will first talk to the child about their behavior.
    2. The staff will redirect the child.
    3. Time out will be 1 minute for the age of the child.
    4. As a last resort, the child will be sent to the office until his/her behavior is under control.
    5. If after exhausting all of the above possibilities, the child's disruptive behavior continues and his behavior puts other children in danger, the parents will receive one warning that they must get their child under control, or the child will no longer be able to be registered or attend Agape' Child Care Learning Center.

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